Thursday, February 16, 2017

Creation to Abraham.

When you plan your homeshool year perfectly and then things change.....  We adopted our new daughter and homeschooling ( the official part of it) went out the window.  We decided to stop schooling for a while and focus on our new family.  We started back up in January and are  now on our schedule. We will probably never fit any mold.  So now we are a family of 6 trying to homeschool again.

We now have a toddler which brings all kind of new challenges, new routines and new thinking about how to homeschool.

But here is an update of what we have been doing so far.

We are still on My Fathers World Curriculum doing Creation to Greek.

working on half and quarters

Doing some science

working on the Picture language

Ancient Sumerian language

Making a Zigarut 

Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt unite

Having a snow day

Working on pyramid shapes

working on some maths

Having another snow day

Yea when there is lots of snow - who wants to do school!

Learning some Macedonian

Fast Maths - Jac

Preparing a site to build a pyramid

Visiting friends and this was in their living room so Jac needed a picture

Having some friends over for a playdate

Had some minor surgery done

Working on Vivaldi - Spring picture

Working with pyramids

Learning about gemstones and also pyramid shape crystals

Made papyrus and writing hieroglyphics 

So this is just a quick update -  We are schooling.... ha ha .....

I am thinking of changing things a bit..... will post later.... Busy reading the book about learning styles and how it will affect how each of my kids learn.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Our new year is about to start

I am following my own schedule for homeschooling but constantly trying to fit into either the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere schedule,but alas.....

So we will start our new year in November so that we can end beginning August and hopefully return to South Africa for about 3 months and then start school again who knows when?

So what will we be doing this year?

My Fathers World: Creation to Greeks!

For English we will still do Learning Language Arts through literature

The Green book is for Zane

Neo will be doing the Orange book

Jac will be doing the blue book

For extra science they will continue with Apologia Science.




For Science this year Zane will be doing General Science.

They will continue with Afrikaans , and also start up Macedonian again.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We have finished with our year.

Homeschooling sometimes feels like a race.. a race to finish.  When we started homeschooling we were on the South African timetable.  Starting our year in January and ending in November with a couple of holidays in between.  Then we moved to Macedonia and for the last 2 years I have been trying to change it to start in September and finish in June....... it is not working.... so why the rush and urgency to do this.  Sometimes I wish I could do it, but then again when we have to return to South Africa for a couple of months I would like to go in the summer not winter (South African summer). So I guess we will not get on any timetable for a while and just have our own one.

So we have finished most of our subjects and will continue doing some Maths and science in October and then start our new year in November again..I hope... because we would like to go back to South Africa end of August next year, and then I will be late starting our new year again.  I just can't win this thing.... I should stop trying too...

Ok so this year we finished our "Countries and Cultures" curriculum from "My Father's World"
Some of the books we used
We traveled through the whole world with "play passports" and plane, boat and train tickets. Exchanged money at each port and had some fun learning about new cultures and countries. We also prayed for the new cultures we were introduced too.

Passports and tickets
We took a trip to Russia, India, Japan and China!!!

We first went to Russia- the Motherland....

building the wall of china with sugar cubes

Our Wall of China

Making the Koi fish of Japan

Fan from China

Cherry tree art from Japan

Learning about Panda's and endangered animals and Earth Day

Jac made 3 Panda's

Some music and art from Japan

Musical instruments in China

Origami art

Making clay pots

Then we were off to Oceania, visiting Australia and New Zealand

Our last stop was Antarctica and its penguins

little penguins

Here are some pictures of the kids' work in Geography and Science

Excavating a dinosaur

And here he is.

We made some penquins

Jac learned about Asteroids 

This is Jac's Coral Reef

and his volcano

Neo-Rie made an Island

This the book Jac was working on

Making and edible Mars Rover

This was Neo-Rie's Science for the year

Zane's work for th year was from this book

Some lapbooks and worksheets on natural science.

The ant - Jac's work

Jac also worked on the snail.  He had one as a pet for a while

Jac's work on the horses lapbook

he drew the Mountain to Coral reef levels

We learned about animals in Australia 

and in New Zealand

Neo-Rie's work on the ant

and horses

and Marsupials

For English we did the Learning Language Art through Literature books.

Jacc did My Father's Wold First grade English

And we used Handwriting without Tears

Neo-Rie started Cursive writing

Neo-Rie's Workbook

Some of the books she did for English

Zane's books for English

For Afrikaans we worked on Platinum for Zane

 Neo-Rie's Afrikaans


Jac did this for Afrikaans this year

 For Maths they worked on Singapore Maths. We switched math programs so we are still trying to get on grade level here.

 For Bible and virtues we worked on the following books and off course the Bible.

John the Baptist 

Moses in his tent

Pharaoh's color

The 10 plagues

The red sea

The first passover

A wife for Isaac

So this was it in a nutshell - we worked through more books but I can't put all of them here.

Our year is done... finally