Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Some homeschooling pictures

Here are some pictures of our homeschooling this year.  With our new little girl around, homeschooling has not been that easy.  But we managed to get some work and some fun in at the same time.  Here are some of the fun stuff we did.

Art with paint and shapes

Lego building

Some of the books Jac has read

Map work of ancient lands

Ancient Egyptian art from Neo-Rie

Jac's ancient Egyptian Art

Zane's ancient Egyptian Art

Jac made this Egyptian house and pyramid

Neo made this one

This was Zane's creation

The clay pots and the houses

Jac looked at all the different stars in the sky and drew them from memory

The tabernacle and Jewish history

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Creation to Abraham.

When you plan your homeshool year perfectly and then things change.....  We adopted our new daughter and homeschooling ( the official part of it) went out the window.  We decided to stop schooling for a while and focus on our new family.  We started back up in January and are  now on our schedule. We will probably never fit any mold.  So now we are a family of 6 trying to homeschool again.

We now have a toddler which brings all kind of new challenges, new routines and new thinking about how to homeschool.

But here is an update of what we have been doing so far.

We are still on My Fathers World Curriculum doing Creation to Greek.

working on half and quarters

Doing some science

working on the Picture language

Ancient Sumerian language

Making a Zigarut 

Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt unite

Having a snow day

Working on pyramid shapes

working on some maths

Having another snow day

Yea when there is lots of snow - who wants to do school!

Learning some Macedonian

Fast Maths - Jac

Preparing a site to build a pyramid

Visiting friends and this was in their living room so Jac needed a picture

Having some friends over for a playdate

Had some minor surgery done

Working on Vivaldi - Spring picture

Working with pyramids

Learning about gemstones and also pyramid shape crystals

Made papyrus and writing hieroglyphics 

So this is just a quick update -  We are schooling.... ha ha .....

I am thinking of changing things a bit..... will post later.... Busy reading the book about learning styles and how it will affect how each of my kids learn.